Submission of Papers


Contributions in any of the broad subject areas are invited under one of the following four categories: (a) Best Student’s Oral Presentation Award (b) Best Scientist’s Oral Presentation Award (c) Best Student’s Poster presentation Award (d) Best Scientist’s Poster presentation Award. Each award carries merit certificates. Awards will be given to the best Oral and Poster presentations of original research findings.

“Extended abstract” without name & affiliation of authors and an “Abstract” (half page) with name & affiliation of authors should be submitted online via Kerala Science congress website.

Only the first author of the paper is allowed to upload the paper for presentation. Co-authors need not upload the paper; they can register through the provision “Participation Only”.

The extended abstract should conform to the guidelines given below:

  • Extended abstracts should not exceed 2000 words. It should be in pdf /jpeg format, font size 12 Times New Roman with a line space of 1.5..
  • Title of the Paper should be in UPPER CASE, font size 12, bold with center alignment
  • The extended abstract should be with a small Introduction, Material & Methods, Results & Discussion and with References.
  • All symbols and abbreviations should be properly defined; superscripts, subscripts and ambiguous characters should be clearly indicated. SI units alone should be used.
  • The extended abstract not conforming to the stipulated format are liable to be rejected.

Candidates can opt their presentation as Oral or Poster and also the subject classification for their presentation. However, their choice for presentations and the subject area will remain provisional.

The Committee constituted to review the papers submitted in each subject area (Code: 01-12) will be the final deciding authority whether the papers are accepted and qualify for Oral/Poster presentation and the subject area based on the score obtained in the evaluation.

Click here to view the Model paper

Abstract with name & affiliation of authors should be organized in half page as given below

  • Title of the Paper (centre alignment, UPPER CASE, font size 12, bold)
  • Name(s) and Address (es) of the Author(s) (centre alignment, title case, font size 12, names alone bold).
  • The abstract should be with a small Background, Methods, Results, Conclusion and with Keywords (Refer Model Abstract provided).
  • It should be in Microsoft Word with Times New Roman, font size 12 with a line space of 1.5.

“Last date for Submission of Papers: 10.01.2024

Click here to view the Model abstract

Guidelines for Poster Presentation at Science Congress Venue.

  • The posters should be of 90 cm (width) x 120 cm (Vertical Height)) size
  • The letter size should be 20 mm (Font size 80 pts) for headings, 15 mm (Font size 60 pts.) for author and affiliation and 10 mm (Font size 40 pts.) for body text
  • Should be organized into sections such as Introduction, Objectives, Materials and Methods, Results and Conclusion
  • The matter should be brief with liberal illustrations – graphs, pictures and photographs
  • The posters should be printed in photo paper/glossy paper/cloth. (Posters printed on Flex is not allowed)