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The Kerala Science Congress is an annual event conducted by the Kerala State Council for Science, Technology & Environment during the last week of January. This event provides a platform for young researchers, academicians, technologists and others across the State and elsewhere to discuss, exchange and share their research findings and technologies developed, relevant to the State of Kerala.
The 36th Kerala Science Congress’s Focal Theme is “Transforming Kerala’s Economy through One Health Approach”. Kerala, known for its natural beauty and cultural heritage, aims for economic transformation through the One Health Approach. This holistic strategy recognizes the interconnectedness of human, animal, and environmental health, holding potential to strengthen the economy via sustainable practices and innovation. By adopting this approach, Kerala can address issues like zoonotic diseases, antimicrobial resistance, and food safety, improving public health and reducing the burden on healthcare. This fosters a healthier population and a more productive workforce, laying the foundation for economic growth. Additionally, the One Health Approach can open opportunities in biotechnology, agriculture, and tourism, promoting sustainable practices, producing disease-free food, and attracting eco-conscious tourists. To anticipate and prepare for a future warming world, Kerala will leverage the tools provided by modern science (e.g. genomics, AI, nanotechnology, remote sensing etc), and invest in cutting edge technology in order to protect animal and human health and boost the economy. This approach offers Kerala a roadmap for sustainable economic development, setting a model for regions pursuing similar development goals.

In this backdrop, the Kerala Science Congress Committee unanimously chosen “Transforming Kerala’s Economy through One Health Approach” as the focal theme of 36th Science Congress session.
The 36th Kerala Science Congress will be conducted at Government College, Kasaragod. Distribution of awards (Dr. S. Vasudev Award, KSYS Chief Ministers Gold Medal Awards, Science Literature Awards), Lecture by Nobel Laureate, Focal theme lectures, Memorial lectures, Best Paper & Poster Presentations, Post-Graduate Students interactive session, Children’s Science Congress, Technical Paper Presentations, Science Expo etc. will be the major events of the 36th KSC

All the activities of 36th Edition of Kerala Science Congress will be jointly organized by the KSCSTE, KSCSTE – Centre for Water Resources Development and Management (KSCSTE-CWRDM) and Kasaragod Government College.


President, 36th Kerala Science Congress Prof. K.P. Sudheer
Executive Vice President, KSCSTE,
Sasthra Bhavan, Pattom Palace P.O, Thiruvananthapuram.
Chairperson, 36th Kerala Science Congress

Dr. Soumya Swaminathan
Chairperson, MSSRF, Chennai

General Convener, 36th Kerala Science Congress Dr. S. Pradeep Kumar
Member Secretary, KSCSTE
Sasthra Bhavan, Pattom PO, Thiruvananthapuram.
Joint Convener, 36th Kerala Science Congress
Dr. C Arunan
Principal Scientist, KSCSTE
Sasthra Bhavan, Pattom PO, Thiruvananthapuram.
Convenor, 36th KSC Organizing Committee
Dr. Manoj P Samuel
Executive Director,


Vice Chancellor, APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University
Vice Chancellor, Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kochi
Vice Chancellor, Kerala University of Digital Sciences, Innovation & Technology, Thiruvananthapuram
Vice Chancellor, University of Calicut, Tenhipalam, Calicut
Vice Chancellor, Kannur University, Kannur
Shri. M.C. Dathan, Executive Committee Member, KSCSTE
Dr. V.K. Damodaran, Executive Committee Member, KSCSTE
Dr. A. Sabu, Executive Committee Member, KSCSTE
Nominee, Dept of Science and Technology, Govt of India
Director, KSCSTE-KFRI, Peechi, Thrissur
Director, KSCSTE-JNTBGRI, Thiruvananthapuram
Director, KSCSTE-NATPAC, Thiruvananthapuram
Director, KSCSTE-KSoM, Kozhikode
Director, KSCSTE-MBGIPS, Kozhikode
Director, KSCSTE-CWRDM, Kozhikode
Director, KSCSTE-ICCS, Kottayam
Director, KSCSTE-SRIBS, Kottayam
Dr. V. Ajith Prabhu, Chief Scientist, KSCSTE
Dr. K.R. Lekha, Chief Scientist, KSCSTE