Organising Committee

Organizing Committee- 32nd KSC

1. Dr. S. Pradeep Kumar, Member Secretary, KSCSTE Chairman
2. Dr. Mathew George Vazhayil, Director, YIMS, Palakkad Co-Chairman
3. Dr. A.B. Anitha, Executive Director, KSCSTE-CWRDM Member
4. Dr. R. Prakashkumar, Director, KSCSTE-JNTBGRI Member
5. Director, KSCSTE-NATPAC Member
6. Conveners of all Subcommittees Member
7. Co-conveners of all Subcommittees Member
8. Mr. H. Gilbert Wesley, Controller of Administration, KSCSTE Member
9. Mr. Dinesh P, Administrative Officer, KSCSTE Member
10. Dr Athira P., Dept. of Civil Engineering, IIT, Palakkad Member
11. Dr. M. V. Anil Kumar, Dept. of Civil Engineering, IIT, Palakkad Member
12. Dr. K. Vijayakumar, Joint Convener, 32nd KSC Member
13. Mr. Josen P. Jose, Superintendent, YIMS, Palakkad Co-Convener
14. Dr. Syam Viswanath, Director, KSCSTE- KFRI Convener

Sub- Committees- 32nd KSC

1. Registration Committee

1. Dr. S. Sandeep, KSCSTE-KFRI Convener
2. Mr. Anil Roy S. I., KSCSTE Co-Convener
3. Dr. T. K. Hrideek, KSCSTE-KFRI Member
4. Smt. Sabitha Balakrishnan, KSCSTE-KFRI Member
5. Mr. Sunil Kumar S., KSCSTE Member

2. Reception Committee

1. Dr. M. P. Sujatha, KSCSTE-KFRI Convener
2. Rev. Dr. Lalu Olikkal Koonal, YIMS, Palakkad Co-Convener
3. Dr. V. Anitha, KSCSTE-KFRI Co-Convener
4. Smt. Shirly Isaac, KSCSTE-KFRI Member
5. Smt. Anupa Vasu P., KSCSTE-KFRI Member
6. Smt. P. S. Manju, KSCSTE-KFRI Member
7. Dr. Ramachandran, YIMS, Palakkad Member
8. Ms. Athulya Murali A.C., YIMS, Palakkad Member
9. Ms. Jasna V., YIMS, Palakkad Member
10. Smt. Bindu S.R., KSCSTE Member
11. Dr. Jayasree S., Mercy College Member
12. Smt. Raseena V., KSCSTE Member

3. Focal Theme Committee

1. Dr. William Decruse, KSCSTE-JNTBGRI Convener
2. Dr. P. Harinarayanan, KSCSTE Co-Convener
3. Dr. M. Rajendra Prasad, KSCSTE-JNTBGRI Member
4. Dr. Shaju T., KSCSTE-JNTBGRI Member
5. Dr. V. B. Sreekumar, KSCSTE-KFRI Member
6. Dr. K. F. George, KSCSTE-KFRI Member

4. Technical Paper Evaluation Committee

1. Dr. E. M. Muralidharan, KSCSTE-KFRI Convener
2. Dr. T.V. Sajeev, KSCSTE-KFRI Co-Convener
3. Dr. Mallikarjuna Swami, KSCSTE-KFRI Member
4. Dr. P. A. Jose, KSCSTE-KFRI Member
5. Dr. Suma Arun Dev, KSCSTE-KFRI Member
6. Dr. K. K. Sabu, KSCSTE-JNTBGRI Member
7. Dr. B.S. Geetha, KSCSTE Member

The Technical Paper Evaluation Committee shall merge with the Technical Sessions Committee

5. Technical Sessions Committee

1. Dr. T. K. Hrideek, KSCSTE-KFRI Convener
2. Ms. Meena Jose Komban, YIMS, Palakkad Co-Convener
3. Er. Binuja Thomas, KSCSTE Member
4. Dr. Sudheesh T. K., IIT, Palakkad Member
5. Dr. Padmesh A., IIT, Palakkad Member
6. Dr. Renju Krishna V., Mercy College Member
7. Dr. Sindhu K. K., Mercy College Member
8. Mr. Sujith P.V., YIMS, Palakkad Member
9. Mr. Gireesh T., YIMS, Palakkad Member
10. Mr. Binu K.M, YIMS, Palakkad Member

6. Publication Committee

1. Smt. Salini P. N., KSCSTE-NATPAC Convener
2. Dr. A.V. Raghu, KSCSTE-KFRI Co-Convener
3. Dr. M. Amruth , KSCSTE-KFRI Member
4. Shri. Arun Chandran, KSCSTE-NATPAC Member
5. Shri. Ebin Sam, KSCSTE-NATPAC Member
6. Dr. C. Arunan, KSCSTE Member

7. Venue Arrangement Committee

1. Dr. R. Jayaraj, KSCSTE-KFRI Convener
2. Fr. Shaiju Pariyath, YIMS, Palakkad Co-Convener
3. Dr. K. A. Sreejith, KSCSTE-KFRI Member
4. Sri. K. Kamalakaran, KSCSTE-KFRI Member
5. Smt. M. K. Raji, KSCSTE-KFRI Member
6. Sri. P. I. Shereef, KSCSTE-KFRI Member
7. Dr. S. Shiburaj, KSCSTE-JNTBGRI Member
8. Dr. Shine, Govt. College, Chittur Member
9. Dr. Rijulal, Govt. College, Chittur Member
10. Dr. Reji, Govt. College, Chittur Member
11. Ms. Shylaja Menon, YIMS, Palakkad Member
12. Ms. Aiswarya A.B. YIMS, Palakkad Member
13. Mr. Anilkumar B. YIMS, Palakkad Member
14. Ms. Maya Joshy, YIMS, Palakkad Member

8. Public Relations Committee

1. Dr. Muhammed Kunhi, KSCSTE -KFRI Convener
2. Dr. C. Anilkumar, KSCSTE Co-Convener
3. Dr. Praveena Gangadharan, IIT, Palakkad Member
4. Dr. A. V. Raghu, KSCSTE -KFRI Member
5. Dr. C. Chandramohan, Brennan College Member
6. Dr. Richard Scaria, Govt. College, Chittur Member
7. Prof. Rajan T.K. YIMS, Palakkad Member
8. Mr. Praveen B. YIMS, Palakkad Member

9. Children’s Science Congress Committee

1. Dr. Dipu S., KSCSTE -CWRDM Convener
2. Ms. Keerthi M.S., YIMS, Palakkad Co-Convener
3. Dr. S. Sambhukumar, KSCSTE – KFRI Member
4. Er. Prajith V., KSCSTE -CWRDM Member
5. Mr. Pankaj, Govt. College, Chittur Member
6. Ms. Radhika V.S., YIMS, Palakkad Member
7. Dr. E. S. Anilkumar, KSCSTE Member

10. PG Student Interactive Session Committee

1. Er. Drissia T. K., KSCSTE -CWRDM Convener
2. Mr. Ajil K. Antony, YIMS, Palakkad Co-Convener
3. Dr Sruthi K. V., KSCSTE -CWRDM Member
4. Dr. K. Balakrishanan, KSCSTE -KFRI Member
5. Mr. Shameem, Govt. College, Chittur Member
6. Mr. Jibin Jose, YIMS, Palakkad Member
7. Ms. Adapatt Ancy Antony, YIMS, Palakkad Member
8. Er. Arjun Prasad, KSCSTE Member

11. Accommodation and transportation

1. Sri. V. P. Raveendran, KSCSTE-KFRI Convener
2. Dr. V. B. Sreekumar, KSCSTE- KFRI Co-Convener
3. Fr. Shaju Angeveetil, YIMS, Palakkad Co-Convener
4. Sri. K. M. Shiju, KSCSTE-KFRI Member
5. Sri. K. Muhammed Habeebulla, KSCSTE-KFRI Member
6. Sri. O. P. Ranjith, KSCSTE-KFRI Member
7. Smt. Maymol Joseph, KSCSTE-KFRI Member
8. Smt. S. Ashamol , KSCSTE- KFRI Member
9. Smt. Anuja Prasannan, KSCSTE-KFRI Member
10. Dr. Sam P. Mathew, KSCSTE-JNTBGRI Member
11. Mr. Vishal Johnson, YIMS, Palakkad Member
12. Mr. Midhun, YIMS, Palakkad Member
13. Ms. Aparna M.S., YIMS, Palakkad Member
14. Ms. Sreeja T.S., YIMS, Palakkad Member
15. Mr. Chandrasekar, YIMS, Palakkad Member

12. Food and Refreshment Committee

1. Dr. V. B. Sreekumar, KSCSTE-KFRI Convener
2. Mr. Siby Mathew, YIMS, Palakkad Co-Convener
3. Prof. K. G. Narayana Pillai, KSCSTE Co-Convener
4. Smt. K. Keerthy, KSCSTE-KFRI Member
5. Sri. K. P. Manoj, KSCSTE-KFRI Member
6. Sri. T. M. Abdul Vahab, KSCSTE- KFRI Member
7. Sri. K. Abdul Jaleel, KSCSTE-KFRI Member
8. Mr. M. R. Vinod, YIMS, Palakkad Member
9. Mr. Unnikrishnan K., YIMS, Palakkad Member
10. Ms. Anuja Jacob, YIMS, Palakkad Member
11. Mr. Safikh S. KSCSTE Member

13. Exhibition Committee

1. Dr. N. S. Pradeep, KSCSTE-MBGIPS Convener
2. Ms. Shyjee P.V., YIMS, Palakkad Co-Convener
3. Dr. Jyothish, KSCSTE-JNTBGRI Member
4. Dr. Biju HH., KSCSTEE-JNTBGRRI Meember
5. Dr. Anooop, KSCSTEE-MBGIPS Meember
6. Mr. Rijileesh, KSCSTTE-MBGIPSS Meember
7. Mr. Rahuul R., KSCSSTE-MBGIPPS Meember
8. Dr. A.V. Raghu, KS CSTE-KFRRI Meember
9. Mr. Sojann Jose, Govvt. College, CChittur Meember
10. Mr. Rohith M. R., YYIMS, Palakkkad Meember

14. Finance Commmittee

1. Sri. K. Saatheesakummar, KSCSTTE -KFRI Coonvener
2. Smt. Jennni Pappachaan, KSCSTEE Coo-Convener
3. Smt. Resshmy S. R., KSCSTE Meember
4. Sri. V. S.. Krishnanuunni, KSCSTTE -KFRI Meember
5. Sri. C. KK. Sindhumool, KSCSTEE- KFRI Meember

15. Proogramme CCommittee

1. Dr. A. R.. Sarika, KSSCSTE Connvener
2. Dr. K. Baalakrishnan, KSCSTE -KFRI Co–Convener
3. Dr. T. K. Hrideek, KKSCSTE -KKFRI Meember
4. Dr. Matillda Danny, YIMS, Pallakkad Meember
5. Ms. Christeena Mariiam Chackoo, YIMS, Paalakkad Meember
6. Smt. Fathhima Zahra,, KSCSTE Meember