Focal Theme


Focal theme of 32nd KSC will be “Science & Technology for Climate Change Resilience & Adaptation

Kerala had a reputation for being a safe haven insulated from natural disasters like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis etc, The state had long been blessed owing to the absolute absence of large scale natural disasters. However in recent times, more precisely extreme rare climatic events of 2018 which have led to unprecedented loss of life, displacement of people, and alteration of land use changes had delivered the first jolt. Current year 2019 does not seem to auger well as far as extreme rainfall events go. All of these have had high impact on the developmental trajectory of the state where significant resources had to be diverted to mitigate and overcome natural disaster events. There is a slow realization that we need to be more prepared, become more resilient and adapt to such events. We need to urgently address issue that has impacted our fragile ecology and landscape. The Kerala Science Congress 2020 can squarely address this issue under the focal theme Science & Technology for Climate Change Resilience & Adaptation. Understanding the phenomena of climate change and its diverse incarnations in Kerala ranging from major climatic events to subtle species range expansions, its impact on water abundance and scarcity, resilience and adaptability in various sectors like Agriculture, Health and Family welfare, Forests and Wildlife, Water resources, Animal Husbandry, Fisheries, Transport, Tourism, Public works etc. could be the issues to be debated and deliberated upon.