Focal Theme


Focal theme of 31st KSC will be “Our Environment – Our Future: Science and Technology for Rebuilding Kerala”  

Natural disasters should no longer be viewed as extraordinary events that require exceptional responses. The floods and landslides that struck Kerala in August 2018, caused unprecedented damage to houses, private and public assets and infrastructure, besides the loss of hundreds of human lives. In addition, there was pervasive damage caused to the sources of livelihood in the State. This natural calamity not only has demonstrated the capacity for destruction of human life and property and their aggravation into total haplessness but also have shown their lasting consequences to human health.

The frequency and severity of recent disasters, coupled with science-based predictions have necessitated the need for a paradigm shift in the approach to development and infrastructure creation in the State. Science and Technology intervention for planning and formulating strategies for rebuilding the State is the need of the hour. Realizing these, the Focal Theme of the 31st Kerala Science Congress has been chosen as “Our Environment – Our Future -Science and Technology for Rebuilding Kerala. The Science Congress shall debate and discuss the need to build climate resilience into developmental planning for rebuilding the State with the help of various S&T experts and research and development institutions attending the Congress. The sub-themes are:

  1. Land use policies and strategies
  2. Hydrology and water management
  3. Human health
  4. Geoinformatics
  5. Meteorology and disaster management
  6. Infrastructure development for disaster mitigation
  7. Human dimensions in disaster mitigation and management
  8. People’s participation and local knowledge

The Science Congress will discuss the issues in detail and the ways and means for addressing the challenges and threats in this field and its relevance to the State of Kerala with the help of various research and development institutions and experts working in this sector.