About us

The Kerala Science Congress is an annual event conducted by the Kerala State Council for Science, Technology & Environment every year during the last week of January. This event provides a platform for young researchers, academicians, technologists and others across the State and elsewhere to discuss, exchange and share their research findings and technologies developed, relevant to the State of Kerala

The State faced the worst calamity in August 2018 marking it as the most disastrous natural calamity ever experienced by Kerala in its recorded history. The torrential rains spanning more than a week flooded the low lying areas of most of the Districts of Kerala and the landslides made the high ranges greatly unstable. Hundreds of people lost their lives and houses as well as destroyed most of the infrastructure like bridges and roads, disrupting the economy and making devastating impact on the environment of the State.

In this backdrop, the 31st Kerala Science Congress Committee unanimously agreed to focus on the science and technology challenges in rebuilding the State soared in the aftermath of the floods during the 31st session of Kerala Science Congress and aptly chosen “Our Environment – Our Future: Science and Technology for Rebuilding Kerala” as the focal theme of the deliberations.

As the State Government is facing grave financial crunch owing to the flood relief and rehabilitation measures taken, the 31st edition of Kerala Science Congress will be conducted only for two days limiting the expenses to a bare minimum. The programmes like Memorial lectures, Kerala State Young Scientist Awardees presentation and National Science Exhibition will not be conducted during 31st session of Kerala Science Congress. The Memorial lectures and Kerala State Young Scientist Awardees presentation will be conducted separately in the R&D centres of KSCSTE. Exhibition of photographs and video clippings related to the natural disasters, particularly focusing on the August 2018 flood with the involvement and participation of the print and visual media will be organized during the event.

The following Eight sub themes, within the larger frame of the Focal Theme, are suggested for invited lectures and panel discussion during the 31st KSC.

  1. Land use policies and strategies
  2. Hydrology and water management
  3. Human health
  4. Geoinformatics
  5. Meteorology and disaster management
  6. Infrastructure development for disaster mitigation
  7. Human dimensions in disaster mitigation and management
  8. People’s participation and local knowledge


President, 31st Kerala Science Congress : Dr. Suresh Das
Executive Vice President, KSCSTE
Chairman, 31st Kerala Science Congress : Dr. C. T. S. Nair
Former Executive Vice President, KSCSTE)
General Convener, 31st Kerala Science Congress : Dr. S. Pradeep Kumar
Member Secretary & Director, KSCSTE
Joint Convener, 31st Kerala Science Congress : Dr. K. Vijayakumar
Scientist, KSCSTE
Convener, Organizing Committee : Dr. R. Prakash Kumar
Director, JNTBGRI, Palode
Co-Chairman, Organizing Committee : Principal, Fatima Mata National College, Kollam