Broad Subject Areas


31st Kerala Science Congress will have several sessions for providing opportunities for intense interaction and knowledge sharing. General papers, contest papers and posters in the identified subject areas will be included in different sessions. Young researchers are encouraged to contest for Best Paper Award and Best Poster Award during the technical sessions.

Technical presentations cover the following Broad Subject areas and research papers are invited for presentation in these Subject areas:

Subject Area
01 Agriculture & Food Sciences
02 Biotechnology
03 Chemical sciences
04 Earth & Planetary Sciences
05 Engineering & Technology
06 Environmental Science, Forestry & Wildlife
07 Fisheries & Veterinary Sciences
08 Health Sciences
09 Life Sciences
10 Mathematical & Statistical Sciences
11 Physical Sciences
12 Science Education, Communication & Society

The following Eight sub themes, within the larger frame of the Focal Theme, addressing the S&T intervention in rebuilding the State are suggested to include in paper submission. Papers with such inputs shall be given preference for acceptance.

  1. Land use policies and strategies (including agriculture and forestry, enhancing resilience and rebuilding sustainable agriculture and forestry )
  2. Hydrology and water management (including reservoir management, flood modeling, etc.)
  3. Human health (including prevention and control of epidemic diseases).
  4. Geoinformatics
  5. Meteorology and disaster management (including improvements in forecasting, now-casting, and new developments to enhance precision)
  6. Infrastructure development for disaster mitigation
  7. Human dimensions in disaster mitigation and management (including economic aspects, reducing vulnerabilities etc..)
  8. People’s participation and local knowledge